Kik Messenger Products to Monitor Kids Everywhere

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Kik is the most used messaging app used by children. It was developed by a Canadian Company. It is value at nearly two billion us dollars and has rejected a proposal from Facebook to sell out. It is mostly famous for its monitoring feature which lets parents and guardians to monitor their kid’s activities in the messenger. Kik lets people monitor the chat and group conversions in the best possible way. Parents are even compelled to use the addition features of gourmettodaycookbook. The monitoring features helps adults to protect their children from online scams/ cyber harassment or any other online criminal activity.

Voice Call on KIK

Kids are new to the world of Internet. They can be manipulated to do bad things which could destroy their life. A lot of scammers are active on messengers like Kik to steal valuable information such as Credit Card numbers etc. Even Islamic Terrorist activities have a mark on instant online messengers. Islamic Terrorist often brainwashes teenagers to join their organization. These organization can ask from illegal money transfers to even horrific crimes like bombing. This decade has witnessed a lot of these activities by Islamic organizations which recruit people by online means. Many people have travelled and joined the Islamic terrorist organizations to fight. A lot of innocent people have been brainwashed and committed crime against humanity.

The Kik Messenger’s support team is also really nice it immediately answers all emails and if any fault is notified then it is fixed in a matter of days. Kik has many call support centres where people specially parents often call to get help monitor their children’s activity. It also has a automatically queries answerer, it is basically a program which answers to common queries. For people who wish to use Kik it is highly advised to do not add any stranger to your contact list as they might send harmful files to your account via messaging which could harm your phone as well as your life. People should make sure their username isn’t made public, if usernames are made public this will attract scammers and hackers.

Kik is completely free of advertisements. The company doesn’t charge for any service nor has any limitation to any feature. The app is available on for all devices. It is recommended to use this as one of the way to communicate as it can send and receive: Photos, Videos, Texts, Audio etc and also make voice call.

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