The Best Alternative to Downloading Torrents

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ZbigZ is a software with which people can download torrent files online. Torrent files are files which are downloaded over p2p network where no server is involved. Torrent files are often used to download very large files like movies, games and other software which can’t be downloaded over a server. The files are so large that many Internet Service Providers(ISPs) block torrent networks to reduce bandwidth and server load. Though there are ways through which torrent files can be downloaded using normal download managers without using bittorrent entirely. There are several benefits using a download manager through zbigz like full speed download speeds etc.

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ZbigZ also gives people a safe option to download torrent files which are checked for virus. Since, there are zbigz servers involved in this process that’s why zbigz is a premium service. A premium account is needed to download files at full bandwidth. Zbigz downloads the torrent files on their server and give you a direct link to download. This is something p2p service doesn’t give. The zbigz no-premium account has some limited restrictions like slow speed and fixed limit of file size. Zbigz also provide relief to users who have ISPs which restrict them of using any bittorrent client. ZbigZ’s hksuperh provides an easy solution to use it. As it provides direct link, the ISP doesn’t have the knowledge if a torrent is being downloaded or not. Using torrents also lets your internet provider know what is being downloaded which is an invasion of privacy. ZbigZ acts as a privacy wall between you and the ISP.

ZbigZ is basically an online torrent client just as bittorrent. The only difference is that it first downloads the files on its server then let’s you download it onto your computer or any other device with internet connectivity. People can even use it to watch any multimedia file only without waiting for it to be downloaded on their computer.

With zbigz it is totally easy to download files with few seeds and leechs. ZbigZ takes care of it thanx it blazing high speed server which can download torrent files with speeds up to 1 GBPS. A good download manager utility like IDM or Download Accelerator would take all the sweat off when you are worried to download a torrent file.

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