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write a

Picture_94.pngWe think your voice should be heard. Tell your local paper why you care about preventing sexual exploitation. Learn more about the child sex trade on The Issue page. Then, download our Letter Writing Guide. Tie in relevant current events or news articles relating to the child sex trade whenever possible. Keeping up with press can help make your Letter appealing to local news outlets.

invite a

takeaction-speaker.pngBringing a Minga Speaker to your school is among the best ways to raise awareness and empower your community to join the Minga movement. If you can organize an audience of at least 150 young people over age 13 and cover travel expenses, Minga will send a team member to your school (for no additional fee). If you would like to host a Minga speaker but cannot meet our criteria, just let us know and we can find a way to make it work: Check out our CEO giving a TEDx Talk.

have a

takeaction-movienight.pngInvite your friends over and watch Very Young Girls, a documentary film from GEMS, a New York based organization. You can watch Very Young Girls on demand or rent it from Netflix. If you think this film might hit close to home for you or someone else coming to your Movie Night, be sure to have a social worker, guidance counselor,or someone else capable of helping you and your friends talk through what you felt while watching the film. Download our Discussion Guide.

hold a

Picture_95.png Help Minga tell teens that pimping is not cool. Media messaging often glamorizes prostitution, portraying the sex industry as high class. Pop culture encourages teens to see pimps as role models. To prevent teens from becoming involved in the trade, Minga needs to expose the reality of pimps and the child sex trade. Get your friends together and help Minga raise awareness and funds. Hold a car wash in your community and educate everyone who comes about the realities of the child sex trade. You can learn more about hosting a car wash, raising awareness by downloading our Don’t Pimp My Ride Guide. Email us at to share your plans and we will send you Minga's "Don't Pimp My Ride" bumper stickers. Send event photos to to see them in Minga's social media.


takeaction-mingaonline.png By following us on Twitter or liking us on Facebook, you help show our nation that teens care about ending the commercial sexual exploitation of children. By following us online, you can stay in the loop and hear first-hand about opportunities, news, and our progress.

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takeaction-yardsale.pngJoin the Minga movement the same way its founding teens did. Organize a yard sale in your community and send Minga your proceeds. Download our Holding a Yard Sale Guide to learn more about how you and your friends can educate your community, help Minga raise funds, and become a part of our story.